Lifting off from idea to MVP in 90 days


Startup Booster is an offering by Supreme Tech. Our engineers have worked on dozens of startups, bringing them from day 1 to MVP. We've found they all have similar technological paths when they're getting started. We took this path, and narrowed it down to a science.


We basically create a monorepo with all the CI tools you need to get started quickly, and connect all the backend services you need - databases, aws services, etc. Then, we use a hybrid approach that sits on the right spot between microservices and monoliths - we basically have microservices except they're all deployed together as a single block, and code can be shared. This creates the perfect development environment for engineers to rapidly pump out features.


The first few months of any starup are rough. Technologically, you have a lot of decisions to make that have a long-term impact on your software; you need to create good quality software, but as you're probably not funded yet, you also need to keep very tight control over development costs. Walking the right path is sometimes all that makes the difference between a startup succeeding and failing.

We know where the right path is, and we can lead you there.


We're based in Tel Aviv, but our customers are based all around the world.

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Ahaliav 10
Ramat Gan 
Tel Aviv District 

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